I made her day a little better. And it was all thanks to couponing!

I like this story:

“So I had a successful triple stack last night…subtotal was $-.68 so I paid $10 OOP for tax. Used $24ECBS and got $60 back plus BC should be coming

Anyways, cashier is ringing up my transaction and I hear someone say my name. It was an old roommate of mine and she got in line right behind me. We chatted for a bit and she told me that she had been evicted from her apartment that day (cops showed up and locked her door). She looked tired and upset. I saw that she was buying some groceries so I asked her if I could pay for them. At first she resisted but when I explained that I couponed and have a lot of ECB’s she agreed. I used $35 ECBS (mostly beauty) and that covered everything she had.

Well we walked out together and she helped load my haul into my car. I asked her if she needed any razors (I certainly don’t ). I ended up giving her the Schick Hydro Razor and refill. I think she was pretty happy when she left.

Hopefully I made her day a little better. And it was all thanks to couponing!” (source)

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